You are what you eat

We have all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” It makes sense, whatever you are putting into your mouth and swallowing is what your body has to work with as far as ingredients for new cells, fuel, daily functions, etc. It also stands to reason that you will end up with unusable ingredients and possibly not enough of the right ingredients, depending on your diet.

Thankfully we have a built in garbage system in our bodies to get rid of the stuff from food our bodies can not use. These unusable products leave the body in the form of waste (what you flush down the toilet). If they did not leave the body they would build up and become toxic, sort of like poison. Due to the toxin heavy foods we eat this day and age our bodies are heavily burdened. They put in a lot of overtime hours getting rid of toxic waste. Years and years of overtime work hours will cause burn out. In the body this burn out shows up in the form of symptoms; like fatigue, constipation, skin break-outs, body odor, bad breath, sluggishness, sleep problems, and the list goes on.

In order to correct the problem you must give your body a vacation from filtering out so many toxins. It is recommended to do a detoxification cleanse every 6 months. You can compare it to pouring Drano down a clogged drain pipe. A detox cleanse is the equivalent to Drano. The cleanse I recommend in my office is a blend of eating fruits and vegetables only and taking specialized supplements to supply the body with the proper ingredients it needs to cleanse, heal, and function optimally. As you clean out the “drain pipes” of the body, symptoms start to resolve, and the body starts to heal. Without detoxing you end up with eye cells made out of Cheetos, or heart cells made of grease. All of which do not function very well. That is neither appealing or healthy.

Cheers and happy detoxing!

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